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  5. "هٰذا كُرْسي."

"هٰذا كُرْسي."

Translation:This is a chair.

August 24, 2019


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how to say "my chair"?

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كُرْسِيَّ (kursiyya)


what would be the ending if kursiyy was the subject of the senence ?

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Well, in the sentence above we don't have a "verb" or action but a simple statement. Yes, in English you would use the verb (to be) in such situation but in Arabic, in the present tense specifically the sentence is formed without using the verb (to be). Anyway, supposing that كرسي would take the place of a subject, or the thing that does the action of the verb, then it would be كُرْسِيٌّ (kursiyyun). If it comes defined with AL, then (Al-Kursiyyu).

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