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"اَلْطَّقْس مُمْطِر اَلْيَوْم."

Translation:The weather is rainy today.

August 24, 2019



I translated it as, the weather today is rainy. It was marked incorrect. Native speakers, what do you think? Should that translation be allowed?

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Yep, your answer should be accepted. It is one of these instances that Duolingo just asks for a literal order (it matters in adjectives but not here really). I'm having the same problem in Russian sometimes.


How come there has been no lessons on sun and moon letters yet? I can hear that the T in الطقس is a sun letter but there hasn't been a single hint or comment about it!

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They say it is a beta still - so maybe they will add such skill in the future; who knows!


Today is 7 July 2020, and there HAS been a lesson on sun and moon letters. It's in HOBBIES. I expect if you look at the Tips in that lesson, you'll find it.


Saying the weather today is rainy. Should also be correct.


Yes. And I assume that Kathie900820, like me, is a native speaker, as ouphrontis requested. Though TJ_K8 presumably isn't, but also gave the right answer.


I too translated as the weather today is rainy and it was marked incorrect.

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