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  5. "a mother and a wife"

"a mother and a wife"

Translation:أُمّ وَزَوْجة

August 24, 2019



Why does it pronounce the word wife with the sound "-tan" at the end when it ends with only an -a character?

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Actually i hear it here as (umm wa zawjah)
Anyway, having a "t" sound at the end of such words is normal, since it's written with Ta-Marbúta ة which acts as H and T. Normally when the word is at the end of the sentence of isolate, the vowels can be dropped at the end and the noun retains its normal spelling with (H) at the end. However, when the word is moved with vowels (according to the word's status, nominative, accusative ...etc) then the (H) has to change to (T). The -(v)N sound at the end of some words is called Tanwin or nunation and can be considered (for the time being) as a marker of indefinite article (like the English a/an). This Tanwin comes in 3 flavors: -un, -an and -in; it depends on the status of the word in the sentence.

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