August 24, 2019



I can't figure out how to type the numbers in Arabic???


Do they require writing ٢ instead of 2? Or maybe they are asking for the word itself? (اثنان)


We didn’t have to type the number but I put everything I study in to a word document fir later review and found that I was unable to find the Arabic number keys.

Got it now thanks to youtube but no clue how it’s done elsewhere???

Edit: here is a way to set it up in word


If I could understand that youtube video, I wouldn't be studying here...:)))))


Put it on mute and just watch the menu he is using

this solution though is not "general" - I use Writer and I did that long time ago. Whenever you copy paste the text elsewhere, all the numbers would change to "Arabic numerals" (123...etc). So, this thing or solution is only workable inside the environment of the text editor alone.


Yeah the rest is on the forum post. I know how to set it in Writer (I didn't use Word in ages). Nevertheless, in both programs it's just a matter of display (and maybe printing later on). As you saw, copying and pasting the thing into the web would mostly change to Arabic numerals. Not only that; When I work in Photoshop (mine is non-ME version) and I try to make something with Hindi numerals, I would copy the numerals from the character map program into Photoshop, but Photoshop also turns them into Arabic numerals instead.

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