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  5. "This building is dark."

"This building is dark."

Translation:Bangunan ini gelap.

August 24, 2019



What's the difference between gedung and bangunan?


Though I'm not a native speaker, seeing no one replying for 10 months, replying with a bit information.

Wiktionary explains gedung as "rumah besar / bangunan daripada batu". (batu = stone). Wikipedia explains bangunan as "Bangunan adalah struktur buatan manusia yang terdiri atas dinding dan atap yang didirikan secara permanen di suatu tempat. Bangunan juga biasa disebut dengan rumah dan gedung, …"

"bangun" means "build", and "-an" suffix makes it a noun term with plural flavor. So, bangunan literally means somethings built, which is a more general term than gedung.


True and it can be used here if the point of this exercise is not the -an suffix. Might i add, that gedung is used for buildings that are usually a large and standalone, non-private residential. A 1-story office complex, a 4-stories apartment, and a 27-stories Mukesh Ambani residential is gedung

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