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  5. "Ua kī ka ʻaha G?"

"Ua ka ʻaha G?"

Translation:Is the G string tuned?

August 24, 2019



Why is there no "anei" in this sentence if it's a yes/no question?


In the example above it says, "Ua kī ka ʻaha G?" which they are translating to "Is the G string tuned?" ... How would you say "Is the string tuned to G?"


Either the audio of this prompt stops at "ka 'aha," or there's an added indaudible soft "guh" sound at the end of "'aha(g)" This is confusing. Was it intentional? What am i not hearing? If there actually was an indication of which string is being questioned - that i couldn't hear - where would it have been placed in the sentence?


The "Ga" sound you're hearing at the end is actually the pronunciation of the letter "G" ma ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi. Other letters are said differently from their English pronunciations as well, such as "Be" (pronounced like "bay") for the English letter "B".


LOL! The "G-string"...!

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