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Quality of this Arabic course

I only want to encourage those learners with this course who get demotivated because of the many mistakes with the pronunciation and telling far too often a wrong grammar. So, I can recommend to use this course mainly for learning the letters and their pronunciation as well as the way of pronunciation of words in generally with their short and long vowels and the sheddah.

Today I got told, after writing a lot of words in a dictate, that I could improve my understanding of unknown words a lot and this even from someone who taught Arabic in Syria. Of course there still is space for more improvements, especially with all the letters which are very similar while spoken in words. So yes, this course is so helpful for learning the basics in this language especially in Europe where is nearly nothing working with the Arabic sound.

Maybe we should stop only to look what is not working well and start to look what is working and might be helpful. Just start to use your fantasy in which way you can learn most with this course, e.g. try to use this course via computer and switch the questions for Arabic words to typing them instead of using the already written words.

I wish all of you a successful time and please never forget the fun while learning a language.

August 24, 2019



Well said! And for those who still struggle, know it's still in the Beta form- there's much more to be discovered when it releases... :D

Isn't this course good enough for learning the alphabet? That's complicated enough, thank you, and trying to balance my main focus (spanish) with my cravings towards arabic is hard enough... (EDIT: Those are enough "enough"s, thank you Mopas ;v;)

Typing is always better but since my incident with the Spanish keyboard, I'd prefer to wait more... (I got tangled up with all the keyboard things on my computer, the next day my computer is in Spanish only, no English... So in ARABIC? I'll be screwed! xD)

Also: Letting others "guess" what sound this (them:) weird line of scribbles makes is lots of fun as well. ;)


It left Beta a month ago.


Why does it still have that yellow IN BETA on the top?


Mine has also that IN BETA yellow signal. As far as I know, Arabic is still in beta... It will be improved for sure. Be patient!


I am a native Arabic speaker but new to this website. Can someone actually freely contribute to a language? I'd love to contribute if possible, but I'm just not sure how.


This may just be a feature of my computer, but I find the text is a decent size when it is simply presenting the alphabet, but far too small when you get to the "cold chicken", " a generous new husband" stuff.


If you work on your computer then try to press strg and + (plus) at the same time. With me it works fine and I can enlarge every page on Duo.


people also need to remember that the human brain collects information in more than one way. duolingo is a great tool to build your understanding of the language but if it is the only tool you are using you are being of a great disservice to yourself. Use duolingo, use tutors, grab an Arabic book and just read till your brain hurts a little.

everything is a useful tool in learning a new language


Thank you for your advice. Perhaps expert Arabic speakers like you can help Duolingo to improve this course.


Thanks for your compliment. But I am also only someone who is trying to learn this language. Here I just try to help with telling my experiences I made since I have started to learn Arabic. And I have learned that when we want to learn Arabic (MSA or Fusha) we have to take every bit of resource we can get because there is not that much available than in other languages like English or Spanish and so on.

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