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"It's best if the children read every day."

Translation:Maikaʻi ke heluhelu nā keiki i kēlā me kēia lā.

August 24, 2019


[deactivated user]

    School 2 is the 28th of 30 lessons. This is the first time this grammar structure has appeared. We have seen past, present, future, and present participle tenses. We finally have an example of the passive tense, "ke heluhelu nā keiki" Hopefully, it will be reinforced in the remaining lessons.


    When should we use "i kēlā me kēia lā" vs. "i nā lā a pau" for "every day"?


    They are basically interchangeable except with a minor nuance.

    i kēlā me kēia lā
    Each day. (That with this day)

    i na lā a pau
    Every day. (All of the days)


    I wrote "Maikaʻi nui" instead of only "Maikaʻi" and it was wrong. Why? Wrong grammar, most likely, what did I say if you translated it? Something like "more better"? Mahalo!

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