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"The bottom of the box is hot! What is there in the box?"

Translation:tuj 'aplo' pIrmuS! 'aplo'Daq nuq tu'lu'?

August 25, 2019



Couldn't, "aplo'Daq nuq tu'lu'" be construed as, "What is at the box"?


Yes. -Daq just means that the noun it's attached to is a location of relevance to the sentence. In, at, on, by, into, toward, to; all contain this locative notion. Context is what helps you figure out how the location is being used.


Were it not for the context of the bottom of the box being hot, I would make sure this one accepted What is on the box? and What is by the box? I think What is at the box? is a little marked though. Would someone say that?


It might be one of those huge cargo storage containers abandoned on the beach, where you and your friends hang out. And y'all call it "the box."

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