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  5. "Where is your state, Carrie?"

"Where is your state, Carrie?"

Translation:أَيْن وِلايَتِك يا كَري؟

August 25, 2019



It's not in Arabic to change the state of a word according to the talkee's gender, but one can change the state of the "Talkee's Conscious", "ضمير المخاطب" or the letter 'k' 'ك' after "Wilaayatu" "ولايت" in this sentence.
If the talkee is male, one must say "Wilaayatuka" "ولايتُكَ", and if the talkee is female, one says "Wilaayatuki" "ولايتُكِ"
In short, the word is always pronounced "Wilaayatu" in both gender cases, but one gets to choose 'ka' or 'ki' upon the talkee's gender

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