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"Aku mendapatkan buku ini dari toko itu."

Translation:I got this book from that store.

August 25, 2019



Can it also be 'I get this book from that store'?


So "mendapatkan" means something completely different than "dapat"? How about in daily speech, would people say "Aku dapat buku ini..."?


yes indeed. dapat, mendapat, dapatkan, mendapatkan, pendapat, pendapatan, kedapatan, have all a different meaning. Dapat is the root. This is true for many words, and make Indonesian quite difficult. Now don't ask me all the translations in English, as I don't know them in English. But I can give an example:
kenal = to know
mengenal = to know (formal)
mengenalkan = to introduce (formal)
dikenalkan oleh = to be introduced by (passive)
pengenalan = introduction
kenalan = introduce to each other
dikenal = famous
terkenal = most famous
memperkenalkan diri = introduce yourself


Ha ok thank you, and here's a tip, if you want to create a new line in a comment, add 2 spaces to the end of the previous line.


Thanks for the tip. You get a lingot for that.


itu can be translated to "the" or "that".


Comparing "me-kan" and "me-" verbs:

"Aku mendapatkan buku ini..."

"Aku mendapat buku ini..."

The former sentence implies that I finally managed to obtain the book. But the latter sentence (without -kan) suggests that the acquisition process is more passive.

For more explanations from native speakers, please refer to HiNative. https://hinative.com/questions/18174411

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