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  5. "هٰذا يَوْم حارّ."

"هٰذا يَوْم حارّ."

Translation:This is a hot day.

August 25, 2019



This word "har" i see is used for hot outside but is also used to say like the peper is hot like fulfulon har?

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It is used for that indeed. Even though there is a proper adjective for "spicy" but people forgot about it and I seldom see it used in ads or texts: حِرّيف (Hirreef).


What is the haraka on top of the h in hadha? When do we use it?

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This is called Alif Khanjariyyah or Dagger Alif. It's not necessary at all as we don't really use it in daily writing or anything and many people complained about it but Duolingo keeps using it.
It is a guide that there is a long (a) with this consonant but it's hidden or not written. So, sort of a guide. Anyway, the problem is... it can't be found on regular keyboards at all - one has to use special means to type it down. It is completely impractical and unnecessary even yet Duolingo still keeps it.


thank you. it is very helpful


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