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Spanish Learning RPG?? It looks like they're building a Fantasy game where you use Spanish.


The game starts in English, but slowly the story starts to change into Spanish as you learn the language. You'll need to know spanish to make your way through the dungeons and also in order to cast spells. Seems really promising!

August 25, 2019



I think so too! But i'm a bit biased, since I love RPG's and Story-games.


Very interesting! That sure is a big goal, though. I mean $15K, wow!


¡Esto es súper genial! Me encanta jugar viedojuegos, y aunque RPS's no son usualmente mis favoritos, si me ayuda a practicar español estoy emocionada para jugar ¡Espero que reciban suficientes donaciones!

gracias por compartir. tomas un lingot :)


As an avid gamer this sounds right up my street! Thanks for sharing!


"The quest will take place in a fantasy version of Mexico with many creatures of Mexican lore making an appearance. You will face off against El Chupacabra, El Sombreron, El Cuco, Acalica, La Llorona, and even Luz Mala. The story will be scary, thought provoking and and exciting."

This sounds like fun! Thank you for sharing this. Hope that he receives the funding that he requires.


Interesting teaching method, although I can't see teenage Dungeons and Dragoners doing this voluntarily.


I'm a teenage Dungeons and Dragoner and I would do it voluntarily.

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