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"मेरी मौसी के पति मेरे मौसा हैं।"

Translation:My aunt's husband is my uncle.

August 25, 2019



I have seen three ways of saying Aunt and Uncle. One for maternal relatives, one for paternal, and what's the third for? Mossa/Mossi Chacha/Chachi Papi/Bu-ah


मौसी - Mother's sister
मौसा - मौसी's husband
मामा - Mother's brother
मामी - मामा's wife
बुआ or फूफी - Father's sister
फूफा - बुआ's husband
ताया or ताऊ - Father's elder brother
ताई - ताया's wife
चाचा - Father's younger brother
चाची - चाचा's wife


Also, बुआ is for the younger sister and I think फूफी is for the older sister.


The difference is more regional than based on age. Generally, फूफी is the preferred term in Urdu and बुआ in Hindi.
But some families may do as you say and have a child call one paternal aunt बुआ and the other फूफी.


There's two on the Father's side and two on Mother's- Maama-Maami, Mausa-Mausi =Mum's side Chacha-Chachi (yess! just like one, two....), Bua-Phupha/Fufa


In English only uncle aunt so it is confusing...


Since this is always true, wouldn't it need to have होता before the है


Why isn't "maternal" and "paternal" used throughout instead of the cumbersome "mother's sister's husband" &c?


मौसी is mother's sister, why can't I say.. My mother's sister's husband is my uncle.? Sounds correct to me!

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