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I have to remove the HEALTH. I can not use this app anymore PLEASE help

I have been using Duo for about two years now on and off. I had two accounts one on my iPad and one on my android mobile phone. iPad always had the "Health" which made it very hard to use but it was okay as I was using it at home. Today now I have the "Health" on my Android phone too after making the mistake of syncing the two accounts.

It makes it impossible to use the app as you can not progress. if you are stuck in a section. In the past you would have to repeat the same questions till you get it right and it was great to learn as you keep typing it. Now you run out of HEALTH before the end of the section and you don't even have the chance to work on your mistakes.

I used to really like this app but I am not sure how long more I will be able use it with the HEALTH. I read somewhere that there is an A/B test to remove it but I am not sure it is for an older version. If anyone knows a way to remove it please please let me know.

August 25, 2019



Try using the browser version instead of the app. It's not perfect for using on mobiles, but pretty much everything is better than "health".


The health feature is a disgrace and needs to be removed.


Use the website. If you need to use a mobile device, type "Duolingo.com" directly into the search bar.


I dont use the app i use duolingo online and i think the health is from the app


have you checked your settings to see if it got turned on when you synced?


what is the health feature


Health is a feature where you get 5 bars of health adn you lose one everytime you get a question wrong. once you lose a piece of health it takes 4 hours to come back or 1 practice session to get it back. If you lose all your health mid lesson then the lesson finishes early and you cant do any more lessons until you have health back. I think that pretty much how it works anyway


I didn't even know there was health

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