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  5. "صَحيفة اَلْمُهَنْدِس قَديمة."

"صَحيفة اَلْمُهَنْدِس قَديمة."

Translation:The engineer's newspaper is old.

August 25, 2019



"The engineer's old newspaper" is wrong, why?


Clearly the meaning of the two phrases are different.

"The engineer's old newspaper" -- Incomplete sentence

"The engineer's newspaper is old." -- A complete sentence telling us the newspaper IS old

Without going into much grammar:

"The engineer's old newspaper": the word "old" here is an attributive adjective and would translate into:

صحيفة المهندس القديمة

"The engineer's newspaper is old.": the word "old" her is a predicate adjective and would translate into:

صحيفة المهندس قديمة

Note that in arabic you don't need to use the verb to be, as the "Esmia" sentence (Nominal Sentence) convey the same meaning without needing a verb.


The student is smart

التلميذ ذكي

Here, we have a Nominal Sentence composed of two names, where the second name describes the first.


Thanks for this. Could you explain what it would look like if old was referring to the engineer instead? "The old engineer's newspaper..."


In a sense we have to add content to the object, let's say "the old engineer's newspaper (object) is in the office (content)" would look like, صحيفة المهندس القديمة في المكتب

*do correct me if my example is incorrect.

[deactivated user]

    Thank you a lot. I understand. This grammar rule is important


    The enginer's old newspaper ........ Isnt this correct


    Okay, I find this question quite interesting right now:

    When I'm talking about two things; - the old engineer's newspaper..., and - the engineer's old newspaper...,

    and incidentally, the engineer in question is female, how would the sentence structure be different from each other?

    Or more like, when I stumbled upon the sentence,

    "صحيفة المهندسة القديمة على الكرسى بجانبي،"

    To which meaning does the character [القديمة] is more strongly affiliated to?


    Curb your grammar learn the phrase


    "The newspaper of the engineer"= "The engineer's newspaper". You need those alternate answers


    What's the pronounce for Ta marbuta in this circumstance?

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