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  5. "I have to go to Delhi."

"I have to go to Delhi."

Translation:मुझे दिल्ली जाना है ।

August 26, 2019



Tried मुझको to see if it'd work too. Not accepted, any idea why? I was always under the impression it was equally correct but not as commonly used


मुझको is just an alternate form of मुझे and should be accepted. You can report if you see it again.


Both of them are equally correct .. It's just one of those errors through Duolingo..!

[deactivated user]

    Why are we using the form मुझे in these examples? Does मुझे mean 'I have to' (do something)? Why is मैं wrong? Thanks!


    There is no direct Hindi equivalent to 'have to' per se. Instead, we use the construction '[Noun] को [verb infinitive] है' to say '[Noun] has to [verb]'. This is idiomatic and not a literal translation.

    For the pronoun मैं, मुझे is essentially मैं+को.


    Thanks, this helps me to understand. Since there is no direct equivalent could we say that this sentence roughly translates as "I am to go to Delhi"?. Thanks


    Why hai and not hoon?

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