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Messaging other Subscribers

Is there any way to message someone that you are following (and who is following you)? I was competing for the top of the weekly League Board and wanted to congratulate the person who narrowly beat me but couldn't find any way to do so.


August 26, 2019


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Unfortunately, i did ask about that in the main Duolingo forum and they said there is no such a thing (and prolly wont be)

All they said is that following other people here is just to see how much they advance and be like a motivation for you to beat them (if that makes any sense anyway)


I hate that. I have zero desire to compete with people in learning. I want to make friends, especially with people who are native to my target language and are learning my native language.

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Post about it in the main Duolingo forum... maybe someone there would listen to you.

not sure how their mind works but definitely no one was there to listen to me anyway


Once there were chatting rooms working inside a group. But these they closed. I read that they closed it because too many i... started to abuse members of these groups. In short, users are the reason why we lost this tool.


What if they just created half a dozen canned messages ("Well done!", etc.) that you could send other people? That would eschew any possibility of abuse and would still allow us to encourage each other.


I am not sure, but might it be possible to set up a group on Facebook for Arabic when you go on following Duolingo?

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