Parolu Esperanton en Arizono en Februaro

Seeking Esperanto speakers and learners in Arizona (or interested in visiting Arizona). I'm looking for someone to help organize a weekend Esperanto event in February 2020. Please also reply if you're interested in participating in a weekend event for learning and using Esperanto.

August 26, 2019


That sounds cool. I was going to say "Mojosa!", but that's not quite right, is it? "Malvarma!" No, no... "Bonega!!" "Bonege!!" I bet if I type enough words here, I will hit on the right one.

My time is running short though. I've got work to do. La benindaj herboj kreskas kaj mi devas tondu ilin hodiaû antaû la benindaj herboj fariĝas la damnindaj herboj. (I swear the grass can grow 3-4 inches over night sometimes...)

I could see myself participating. Do you have a city in mind yet?

August 27, 2019

Saluton Patty_L,

Let's go with bonege. Clearly you watch my videos. Thanks so much.

I've posted additional details in the FB group for Esperanto in the USA. This is meant to be a regional event for the Southwest where there is a lot more wide open space than in other parts of the US - especially compared to the Northeast. This means that most participants will live in the host city or fly there. (My sense is that there are few places which could draw people from multiple cities by car.)

Phoenix is the most populous city in the core of the Southwest, so the plan at this point is to hold the event somewhere near there - close enough so that people could reasonably fly to Phoenix and get to the event as well. We've discussed a few options, and I'm looking at specific venues now.

What we really need at this point to make this happen is a few people to be excited enough about the idea to pre-register and commit to coming. If you're interested, please send me a message. I am kind of easy to find. I can be reached through the following FB post and I'm "salivanto" on most platforms, including yahoo dot com if you want to send an email.

August 27, 2019
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