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"Your teacher Judy is smart, Sam."

Translation:مُعَلِّمَتَك جودي ذَكِيّة يا سام.

August 26, 2019



Is the ending in the audio right ? i hear ذَكِيَةُ ، should it be ذَكِيَةٌ

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yes it should be with Tanwin here - typical speech-machine error here.


What's is the differenfe between muallimatik and "tak" with an "a"?

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In meaning there is no difference.

However, the last vowel of the word dictates the position of the word (nimnative accusative...etc). The audio here is wrong.... it should be mu3allimatuka (the -ka is "your" to a male person while "-ki" is "your" to a female person).

If, for example, the word was preceded with a preposition, like إلى (to), then the word becomes mu3allimatika.
If the word for example comes in accusative position, as in رأيتُ معلمتك (I saw your teacher), then it should be mu3allimataka.

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