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"E nānā ana au i hoʻokūkū mokomoko i kēia hopena pule."

Translation:I am going to watch the fights this weekend.

August 26, 2019



Could "hoʻokūkū mokomoko" also mean "boxing match"?


Yes, it can, but it says "nā hoʻokūkū mokomoko" so it means "boxing matches" not "boxing match". When I put that in my answer, it got marked correct.


This is the coolest sounding sentence I have ever heard in any language! The combination of sounds is music to my ears!


Right?! And for such a disgusting event! Ka ‘ōlelo Hawai'i is such a wonderful, nahenahe language!


Isn't "mokomoko" specific to boxing? Three out of four hints in the dropdown list refer to boxing, yet "boxing match" isn't correct? Sports is a whole language of its own! Confusing? Nō!


It's not specific to boxing.

They should still accept boxing match, since they keep referring to mokomoko as boxing.


Why does the program sometimes (with increasing frequency of late!) give the complete solution? I'm not sure what is the point.


My answer: "I am going to watch the boxing fights this weekend." Although mokomoko is general, it is more aligned with boxing. There are many types of fights, By "the fights" a reasonable assumption would be boxing.


Seriously! What is the purpose of the program's giving the complete answer to a prompt? The student has nothing to think about, since the word bubbles can't be changed. I don't understand the purpose of this.


hoʻokuku mokomoko can mean boxing matches.

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