"E leʻaleʻa ana ka ʻaha mele!"

Translation:The concert is going to be fun!

August 26, 2019



I thought this should be "Going to the concert will be fun!"

August 26, 2019


Aloha e @3CelticVikings , This is actually an equational sentence pattern. The same form as "Wela kēia lā." Today is hot.

  • "E leʻaleʻa ana" = "ka ʻaha mele"
  • "Will become fun (the state of being)" = "the concert"

"Going to the concert will be fun!" would be something like: "E leʻaleʻa ana ka hele ʻia i ka ʻaha mele!"

Hope this helps! If someone has a comment or correction for me, please reply~~ :3

August 28, 2019
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