Android App and Hebrew

In some exercises, we have to translate an English text, given a partial answer in Hebrew. However, the order of the partial answer is totally wrong (probably due to the app not properly formatting right-to-left languages). For example, the English text to be translate is "The cat sees a dog." and the given partial answer would be "___ רואה כלב.", but this is wrong because it means ".A dog sees ___" (yes, the period is also at the wrong place). The correct format should be ".רואה כלב ___" instead. Please fix this issue.

P.S. If this problem shows up with Hebrew, it is very likely that the Arabic course experiences the same error. I also posted this in the troubleshooting forum, but apparently, I was downvoted for no clear reason. I guess the troubleshooting forum is not a place to request troubleshooting. Please also see here:

August 26, 2019


יש לי אותו בעיה.

I do notice that the fill-in-the-blanks is a new feature, so it may just be a bug that needs correction on a particular platform. However, the duolingo dictionary in my web browser gives examples from left to right, even though web client has the right word order for the fill-in-the-blank exercises. I am using Firefox on Linux, and my phone OS is Android, using the Duolingo App.

August 26, 2019

Hello, I am starting learning hebrew. Where can I find some grammar indications to understand better what I am asked. Can I ask you somewhere ? is there any grammar pages somewhere. thanks

August 27, 2019

You need the tips and notes to start:

how to get tips and notes: (My favourite ways are the first two):

(By the creator of the *Memrise Hebrew Duolingo vocab course I'm learning Hebrew Duolingo on Memrise! ): organized by skill in one pdf for the whole course:

Replace your username where USERNAME is for information on your progress & the tips & notes:

The whole course tips and notes are here (and the site has one for each Duolingo language): organized by skill individually:

You can also get them on the site (make sure your browser is in desktop view mode so you can see the other duolingo features like discussions & timed practice (the language clubs were only on the app. Now that they are discontinued, many of us have moved to either or both the discord Hebrew servers, one is at: or the Facebook Duolingo Hebrew learners Facebook page). From discussions you can search for all the discussions in this course (like this one you're reading, as well as see general duolingo discussions). If you can't see discussions on the main screen once logged into duolingo you're not in desktop view.

Have you learnt the alphabet yet?

There's also the verb site for grammar.

August 27, 2019

I was reading yesterday (at that interconnections between Hebrew and English do not work properly in Android apps. However that statement is probably out of date: the issue may be fixable.

August 26, 2019

I'm on the Android app on my phone and my tablet and I've never seen this issue. Only in certain browsers. I'm a week away, G-d willing, from completing the L3 tree in Hebrew.

(I don't have fill in the blanks though, so maybe it's new and the alignment is not yet worked out).

August 26, 2019
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