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  5. "مَدينة عَرَبِيّة كَبيرة"

"مَدينة عَرَبِيّة كَبيرة"

Translation:a big Arab city

August 26, 2019



For some reason I think I have learned that the nationality always comes first...


Nope. Adjectives come after the noun they describe (just like in Latin and Romance languages).


Madiina = مدينة ? A few words are too close to words in other languages. At first i though it was referring to the city of Medina.


The name (Medina), which is a city in Saudi Arabia, is indeed المدينة and it is a common and abbreviated form for المدينة المنورة (al-madínatul-munawwarah); meaning the enlightened city. The old name for this city or town before the immigration of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to it was Yaþrib يثرب.
On a side note, the Maltese town of Mdina is also of the same origin, مدينة meaning city.


An Arab city is big why it is wrong?


As a general rule, a sentence in Arabic does not start with an indefinite noun. Except in few special conditions.
Here, we have a phrase and not a full sentence. Just a noun (city) with its adjectives that describe it; (big) and (Arab). Typically in Arabic the order of the adjectives would be the reverse of that in English. Or put in another way, the most relevant follows the noun directly, and then followed by adjectives less relevant. Sometimes "and" (و) can be used between adjectives as well.


What is the difference between writing 'a big Arabian city' and 'a big Arab city'? I was incorrect with the former, but I'm not sure of the differences...


If you ask me, I do think "Arabian" is more proper than "Arab" here. English is not my first language, but it feels so. I mean, we have "Arabian Nights" so the adjective "Arabian" is not used for persons only but for objects as well. I guess it is one of these Duolingo moments that are completely illogical (and they are many).


Cool! Thank you very much! Next time, I'll report it to ask if it can be accepted :)

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