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Thinking in your Target Language

Thinking in your TL can really help you with Speaking Spontaneously. For example, you could be writing up a shopping list and thinking what the item is in your Target Language. These little things can really help. I find that this is a really good method of remembering vocabulary.

If anyone else has any questions about this then please reply to this post!!

August 26, 2019



Yes! This is a great way of training yourself to use the target language efficiently. It's one thing to know all the vocabulary and grammar rules, it's another to be able to use it quickly. Thinking in your target language really trains you to use it quicker, which improves your language skills. Another useful thing to do is translating things you hear in your head, for example songs or train announcements. Soon you'll find yourself auto-translating your surroundings without noticing it! Thanks for the tip!


Ciao Nathan. A good point. Coincidentally I wrote my list in Italian this morning without realising: Lavazza, latte, mele, verdure e carta igienica:-)


Yes. ..."without realizing it." There's beauty in that.


That's good that you do it without realising!!


Yes! When shopping for clothes, I always think, "¿Dónde están los zapatos?" or "Demasiado caro," in my head. I even had a dream in Spanish once! At least half Spanish.


Dreaming in Spanish...Wow. Was it intelligible at all? Or was it just nonsense?


Yeah that is a good tip. I find talking to myself in my target language helpful as well.


I do that a lot because I think to myself in French sometimes saying I need to "J'ai besoin de"!!


I find it more helpful to actually write up that shopping list or a day's to-do list in the language.


I sometimes translate French to German instead of English because I'm used to German at the moment.

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