Adam loves his (Marek's) cat

What does this mean?

August 26, 2019


Adam kocha jego kota (Marka) – Adam loves a cat belonging to Marek

In Polish there is a difference between jego (his – different person) and swój - (his own). Adam kocha jego kota – Adam loves his cat (not Adam's, the cat belongs to somebody else). If you want to say that Adam loves his own cat, you'd have to say: Adam kocha swojego (or: swego) kota.

Declension of swój:

N (m) swój (f) swoja (n) swoje, swe

G (m) swojego, swego (f) swojej, swej (n = m)

D swojemu, swemu (f) swojej, swej (n=m)

A (m) swojego, swego (f) swoją, swą (n) swoje, swe

Inst (m) swoim, swym (f) swoją, swą (n=m)

Loc (m) (o) swoim, swym (f) swojej, swej (n=m)

The shorter form is mostly spoken and less formal, but you don't have to care for it too much – use whichever you like. As for jego, feminine form is jej and in all cases is the same.

August 26, 2019

Haha, I hadn't even realise that "Marek" is a person's name. :D Thanks.

Please accept a lingot of mine for taking the time to let me understand.

August 29, 2019
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