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"Did you watch the basketball game?"

Translation:Ua nānā anei ʻoe i ka hoʻokūkū pōhīnaʻi?

August 26, 2019


[deactivated user]

    I do not like this prompt. "Game" should be pā'ani. "Tournamenf" or "match" should be ho'okūkū.


    Ua nānā anei ʻoe i ka pā'ani pōhīnaʻi?


    I don't get anei, a little help?


    Anei indicates a question that may be answered with a yes or no.


    My question about this is, are there cases where anei is required vs not? I had learned you can simply change your voice inflection to make a question like “Ua nānā ʻoe i ka hoʻokūkū?” Is it just a matter of “anei” adding emphasis?

    EDIT: I answered my own question. Anei (like nō) is an intensifier or hunuʻaʻau, and according to the grammar, “While never necessary, Hawaiian without huneʻaʻau sounds expressionless and flat”.



    Mahalo nui loa, e Gary. Kōkua nui kēia puke

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