Things to improve on Chinese language

Since Chinese characters represent the entire word, why not create a game where users can trace the word back, how it should be written. For a Chinese learner, I have the basic knowledge to speak and read but I do not know how to write. It would also be great if there’s a Chinese stories where we can learn how to read and speak, how the Chinese should be read from upwards to downwards. We would be able to get use to how native speakers talk.

August 27, 2019

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Why not buy a copybook? There are quite a few good copybooks out there, which allow you to learn "how a Chinese character is constructed". It could be effective (except in China you are forced to practice such copybooks that we mostly do not have a postive feeling about these stuff). Also, if you are interested enough (I'm bad in English), go and check out some documents that involved this (remember to search in Chinese, and better use Baidu instead of Google for this purpose). There are many interesting, game-like documents that you can read. Meanwhile, watching some videos on YouKu (not YouTube) is probably a good idea (despite the freakin' slow connection speed, just like we want to watch YouTube videos with the help of VPN). You don't need to fully understand what they are talking about. You just need to "get the feel of it".

August 27, 2019
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