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  5. "بَيْتِك جَميل يا جودي."

"بَيْتِك جَميل يا جودي."

Translation:Your house is pretty, Judy.

August 27, 2019



Why do you mark it wrong for missing a coma?

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Report it as "my answer should be accepted" if possible. and let's HOPE that Duolingo does something about it


Duo doesn't pay attention to punctuation. You must have done something else.


Your house is nice should be correct too

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Duolingo usually takes things literally, I believe. So, Nice can be translated in various ways in Arabic. Mostly correct but anyway جميل is more equivalent to pretty or beautiful.


Previously when I answered this question, it counted it wrong when i said Jamil meant beautiful.... but it says in the definition that that is what it also means.... why is that?

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Maybe the mistake you made previously was not in this particular word?


Why jamili, instead of jamil? P

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The audio is wrong. However, here I hear it as (jameel).

The correct pronunciation must be: baytuki jameelun yá júdee


Nice = pretty. Or what else nice is in Arabic. Should then teach the difference

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Duolingo is already a mess and not a good source for learning Arabic. Many people reported that "beautiful" is considered wrong here and one must use "pretty" - and this is of course an error. The contributors apparently didn't do much to enhance the course in this aspect (and other aspects as well).

Now, the word "nice" can be translated in different ways in Arabic, depending what is the meaning or purpose of using this adjective.

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