New TTS?

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As of this afternoon the pronunciation of a lot of the practice syllables seems to have changed.

For example: دوب, which previously sounded like it's transcribed, duub, now sounds like duu-ib.

كو, transcribed as kuu, now sounds like ko

August 27, 2019


I noticed differences too! I thought maybe it was because I was using the desktop version for the first time. But now "juur" is prounced "guur" and another I noticed was "hamza" pronounced as "hamiza"
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I wonder if maybe it's based on a different dialect of Arabic.

Came here to say same thing. It seems like some of the audio files have perhaps been mixed up? I say this because some things now have completely incorrect pronunciations! It's very confusing and off-putting!

For instance "waa" (waw + alif) is now being pronounced with the 'ii' sound instead of 'aa'. Just one example I can remember right now but there are many others which have changed in the past few days and that are now clearly wrong.

In other examples the J sound is now being pronounced interchangeably as J or G. I understand that in the Egyptian dialect this letter is pronounced more as 'G', so maybe that's why, but it seems we should have consistency on this kind of thing or at least flag it clearly if alternate dialect pronunciations are going to be introduced like this?

Hope this is fixed soon!
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Not sure about these syllables but the true test is the full sentences. Just some minutes ago I was explaining for someone in the sentences section some mistakes in the audio of some specific sentence
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I was reviewing the early stuff, and haven't had time to try the later skills yet today.

noticed that too. very confusing

I came here to ask much the same question. It's been a while since I had practiced my Arabic and some of my golden skills needed restoring. To my confusion, many of the sounds were different to how I remembered!
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It's inconsistent, too. I just did a pair matching exercise.

بُشر matched to "bushr", sounded like 'bushar'

بُسر matched to "busr", sounded like 'busir'

ى is now pronounced as ʾalif maqṣūrah

ʾalif maqṣūrah maksuurah :-)

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