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  5. "नेहा एक लेखक है ।"

"नेहा एक लेखक है "

Translation:Neha is a writer.

August 27, 2019



is there no feminine form of the word ''writer"?


The feminine word for writer is लेखिका.

The translation for the whole sentence goes like this नेहा एक लेखिका हैं


pleasure is all mine :)

btw by seeing the languages you have learned so far I wanted to ask you which language was the easiest to learn?


Namaskar. Esperanto has the easiest grammar. The things that may be difficult about it is that there is an accusative case, and the adjectives must show they are plural when referring to a plural noun, and must have the accusative ending when referring to the noun that is accusative. (In English the adjective doesn't reflect plural or singular). Other languages present more challenges: a different script to learn (how to read, how to write, and how to type on a computer), a different word order, conjugation of verbs, nouns that are masculine, feminine, (and some languages have neuter) (along with the adjectives that have to agree with the noun). Aside from that, whatever language you choose, just be motivated.


what is meaning of लेखिका


Feminine of "लेखक"


Finally we know what Neha does for a living. Wonder what Aamir, Raj and Peter do


Exactly! The feminine word for लेखक is लेखिका, Duolingo needs to work on this since the foundation of any language is very important.

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