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  5. "Patience is good."

"Patience is good."

Translation:Sabar itu baik.

August 27, 2019



Itu used like this can seem strange to native English speakers but it is correct and widely used like this. It sort of functions as the verb "to be/is" in this case. I try to think about itu as both "that" and "that is" and when translating into English it becomes "is" sometimes, but more commonly becomes "that". Admittedly as an English speaker it would seem more natural to say something like "Kesabaran adalah baik" but that sounds really awkward in Indonesian


What is the purpose of "itu" here?


"itu" here connotes as "is"


why "sabar" and not "kesabaran"?


I totally agree, Kesabaran itulah baik sih!


Agree. Another sentence with the same pattern was actually criticized by an Indonesian native speaker: "Indah itu baik." Adjectives cannot become subjects of sentences. For more information, please visit the sentence discussion.


why is bagus not acceptable?


"Baik" is used for:

  • Human beings & their inner quality

  • Animals & their inner quality

  • Situations & relationships

"Bagus" is used for:

  • Inanimate objects & their quality
  • Intangible things & their quality

Source: Difference between baik and bagus

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