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"This is the first day of March."

Translation:Ini hari pertama bulan Maret.

August 27, 2019



Why is the first of the month sometimes pertama and sometimes satu?


Two ways to indicate a date:

  • tanggal satu (bulan) Maret --> more common

  • hari pertama bulan Maret


Does this mean duolingo should accept either then? Ta!


Pertama = First, Satu = one, Do you have an example of how Satu has been used as first? I can't think of one off hand. Interesting words come from Satu, like the verbs Bersatu (intransitive verb) = "Being one...i.e. United", or the transitive form Menyatu = "Merge or Fuse into one", Satuan (noun) = Unit, Persatuan (noun) = Unity/Association/coalition, Kesatuan = unity/entity etc. From Pertama you can double it to Pertama-tama and get "First of all"....cool words!


Is saying pertama hari redundant? Is it acceptable?

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