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"Marcus scribit et non dormit."

Translation:Marcus writes and does not sleep.

August 27, 2019



'Marcus is writing and not sleeping' should be accepted, shouldn't it? If not, why is present continuous scribit => 'is writing' okay, but dormit => 'is sleeping' non est?


The course was just released a few hours ago and they haven't had much time to accept alternative correct answers. I would think that "is not sleeping" would be a more natural translation for the end of the sentence.


I'm not criticising, just checking my understanding, and providing this feeedback exactly so that it can be iterated on and improved. That's the point of a beta right?!


Hello OJFord, the feedback is not to be provided here. But with the report button only.

As here, it's reserved for grammar tips, questions, helps. And they won't read everything to know what can be improved, it would be too much work. So, the report button was made, to be the only way to add suggestions.

So, your feedback part is not at the right place, but your question about "is it good grammar" is at the right place here.


I personally feel as though "not sleeping" is more natural, but yeah, I'd say give them some leeway at first. The course is still in its very early beta stage, not even released half a day ago yet, so they haven't had much time, if any, to correct any mistakes that have been reported yet. Just give it some time c:


Wondering the same


Yeah, making a parallel construction in English doesn't work when two different tenses are used


Im wondering the same thing


Marcus, you need sleep frater.


Can I use Mark to translate Marcus ? Like Mark the Evangelist (Mārcus evangelista in latin)


It says in the tips and notes that they will not accept translations of the names in the course, so they should be entered as they appear in the Duolingo sentences.

[deactivated user]

    "Marcus is writing and not sleeping" should be accepted because it is grammatically correct, idiomatic English.


    The course is new. It's going to be missing a lot of options in English.

    You should use the report button to flag missing translations, word order errors, etc., when you're certain, or at least nearly certain. But be careful to look for typos first.

    The Latin team has been very good about improving the database based on user suggestions. The process behind the scenes can be slow, we've been told.

    Here's a complete guide on what to report and what not to report, specific to the new Latin course:



    I wrote: "Marcus writes and doesn't sleeps" was wrong DOES NOT = DOESN'T (is the same guys)


    Use report function. The developers rarely read the comments.


    Yes but it should be doesn't sleep.


    woops i accidentally wrotes sleeps


    Sorry about that Korean only comment, This is for Korean users who learn Latin

    의견을 취합해 보면 분사를 사용해서 영어로 번역해야 옳다는 의견이 많습니다.

    • Marcus is writing and not sleeping
    • et - and
    • 8개월전에 출시되어서 아직 피드백이 되지 않고 있나봅니다
    • (이글 작성일 2020-04-27) 추후 새로운 지식이 쌓이면 업데이트 하겠습니다.


    My answer was exactly correct, yet it didn't get accepted. Reported.


    I typed "Marcus scribit et non dormit" and it marked me as wrong for whatever reason?


    Why was doesn't flagged as wrong - does not = doesn't


    Im typing it in English, and its saying "Type is English and not Latin"


    Is that robot voice pronouncing it correctly or are the humans?


    am i the only person not from a year ago XD


    Why is it sometimes marcus and sometimes marce?


    Marcus is singular. Example: Salve Marcus

    Marce is plural. Example Salve Marce et Brute (Brutus)

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