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Customer = der Kunde

I just came across this sentence on a test:

"I thank the customer" and I translated it as "Ich danke dem Kunden", as I knew the word "Kunde" means "customer".

My translation was accepted as correct, but the other correct solution given was "Ich danke dem Verbraucher".

As far as I know, Verbraucher means "user" or "consumer" and the more standard word for "customer" is "Kunde". German websites I order stuff from always start their emails with "Lieber Kunde/Liebe Kundin"

If they teach that Verbraucher means customer, I'm not sure that is right. Anyone else have insight into this?

July 23, 2012

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I noticed that Duolingo now and them makes some strange choices. I used the feedback tag on the left several times to tell them that their translation was odd. Just keep feeding back. BTW you are right about Kunde<>Verbraucher.

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