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  5. "bilasáana neeznáá hólǫ́"

"bilasáana neeznáá hólǫ́"

Translation:I have ten apples

August 27, 2019



Is this not "There are ten apples"? I see no shee or otherwise 1st person marking to say that I have ten apples.


Yeah, it's "There are ten apples / Ten apples exist", not what that says.


nizohní hastiin ahéhee' for pointing that out


*nizhóní - Just a spelling tip :)


Bilasáana ’éí neeznáá shee dahólǫ́. But in reality, we don’t often say "I have ten apples" we treat it more like 10 apples exist. For example, "Díkwíí (lá) Bilasáana (hólǫ́)?" or "Bilasáanaásh (’éí) díkwíí? : Bilasáaná ’éí neeznáá. But again, normally most Navajos would say for example, "Díkwíí bilasáana" or "Bilasáana ’éí díkwíí lá sinil?" As you can see, there are many different forms as to how to ask a question and one will sound better or the best depending on the situation.

I hope that this all makes sense. It is difficult for me to explain how it works and why it works that way. I just know how my language works and how to respond to such situations.


Neezna bilisaana shee holo is correct

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