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  5. "Sum femina."

"Sum femina."

Translation:I am a woman.

August 27, 2019



Would "Femina sum" work as well?


Yes, that works too. It is actually a bit more common to put the verb at the end like that.


In translating TO latin, I was taught (many many years ago) to put the verb at the end of the sentence... do I remember correctly? In other words (and IMHO) I would say "femina sum" or "ego sum femina", dunno why... thank you for reading


Yes, the verb is most commonly located at the end. Other word orders are also possible, however, with a change in emphasis.


GOT IT, 'Trofaste', thanks a lot! BTW: has your 'nick' a special meaning? Thank you again for your reply and have a nice evening!


You're welcome!

Yes, it's a form of the adjective "faithful" in Norwegian/Swedish. I was browsing Wiktionary looking for a username, found that, nobody else had already claimed it, so here we are!


Yes, it is common, and good style, to put the verb at the end. It is just not incorrect in any way, to say 'sum femina', and therefore that should be accepted too.


Do you guys also notice that the sounds from this course are a little bad?


why sometimes it is "ego sum vir" and sometimes "sum femina". When can Ego be omitted?


Always. Pronouns are only used for emphasis.


I guess the emphasize is more on "femina" in "Femina sum", and no emphasize or more on "I", in "Sum femina"?


It's the other way around, actually.


Why is it "ego sum vir" for "I am a man" and just "sum femina" for "I am a woman"?


You can omit pronouns (in fact it is very common), so it could be "Sum vir" or "Ego sum femina".


So ego not really needed?


It's awkward hearing several different voices all with really bad quality audio, but it's still very helpful.


Puella means girl but Femina is actually a word for girl, woman, like the gender, feminine, so Femina is more accurate!


I already had fun with free word order in the placement test. Let's see how frustrating it'll get during the course's beta...


We're working on it! Unfortunately though it takes some time for the changes we make in the Incubator to be active for users (sometimes as long as two weeks), so often we've already fixed something and it just hasn't made its way to the user-side grading yet. Still, please don't assume that something's been fixed, please report it (with the button in the lesson, not in the sentence discussion)! We're not perfect and things always slip through.


Bug here, typed exactly what it said was the right answer


When that happens, please first triple-check for typos and then, if there are none, take a screenshot and send a bug report.


I did report a problem, but not sure how to attach screenshot. Its been broken a few days and I can't move forward :/.


You probably used the report button in the lesson? That one is only for issues with the actual content, those reports go straight to the contributors who can't do anything about bugs. Bug reports go here, where they go to staff who can do something. :)


OK! That makes sense. I knew there must be somewhere else I should report it but wasn't sure where. Thank you for your help!

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