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  5. "The boy sleeps in the city."

"The boy sleeps in the city."

Translation:Puer in urbe dormit.

August 27, 2019



I'm pretty sure either word order should be accepted. At least that's what I learned in several years of grade school and high school Latin.


Apparently the verb must be at the end of the sentence here. Different than in the 'romance languages' that i know: French, Italian, Spanish.


The verb doesn't have to be at the end of the sentence; that's just where the course creators chose to place it. Latin word order is very free, so you can put "Puer dormit in urbe" like you would in French or Spanish and it would be perfectly fine. Be sure to report something if you think that it should be accepted, since this course is still very new.


Yeah i noticed that too. Kinda like in german


Considering how new this course is, some initial errors in accepted answers are to be expected. Patience...


True, I'm very thankful the community creators volunteered their time and effort!


Why i cannot say just "Puer urbe dormit", without the "is"???

[deactivated user]

    Would there be a word such as "urbi", like there is a single word for "at home" ("domi")?


    "Domi" is the locative of "domus". Only a few words in Latin have the locative - and "urbs" is not one of them.


    There's an archaic locative for ubs, it's urbei, but I don't know when it stopped to be used.


    How essential is the "in"?


    Totally essential. If you remove it, the meaning is changed.

    I see him New York, is not possible neither, in English, without the "in".

    The "in" or the "at" preposition is not present when you have it included in the locative, like in domi = literally "in domus".


    Is there some situation, like administrative texts, in which the verb was preffered at the end?


    I took high school latin last year. This is incorrect latin. Do not use, i repeat DO NOT USE


    Is "puer urbe dormit" also correct? If not, why?


    Could "puer dormit urbe" also be correct? If not, why?

    Because "puer dormit domi" is correct, and the same order


    Yea, I'm just another person posting about word order. 'Puer in urbe dormit' is great, but we should also accept 'Puer dormit in urbe', etc.


    Please, don't post, but use the report button instead. I tell you that because posting is useless, and the only way to have sentences added is to report with the button.


    i got a typo and now it's counting it WRONG!!


    which is more common order in Latin? subject verb object or subject object verb?


    What's the general word order in Latin? I assume from this sentence it's person - place - verb, but is that the only way a sentence can be formed?


    Why there are no articles in Latin

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