"The boy sleeps in the city."

Translation:Puer in urbe dormit.

August 27, 2019



I'm pretty sure either word order should be accepted. At least that's what I learned in several years of grade school and high school Latin.

August 28, 2019


The verb doesn't always have to be at the end of the sentence. This is bad Latin, and should be fixed.

August 27, 2019


i am disappointed by the latin course that duolinguo offers.it could and should be much better .the syntax of latin is very free making latin an ideal playground for poets ..alternatives that do exist in real latin should not be counted as errors. " puer dormit in urbe "is correct "puer in urbe dormit" is correct "dormit puer in urbe "is also correct. the meaning of these three sentences is basically the same,but they emphasize different parts of the . verbal construction

August 28, 2019


Yes. Well this must be a preference of first year instruction. And, this is in beta. I have to say that I'm just happy that it's available.

August 31, 2019


Yes there is still much room for improvement and that's why we need to report it so that it can be made better

August 28, 2019


Do you really think catering for all permutations is wise in the very first latin lesson? Duolingo have a difficult task in providing content for a language as difficult as latin while also keeping in mind that not everyone is a specialist in languages.

Have some patience and give it time. It's still in beta.

September 1, 2019


This course is still on beta, so of course we can't expect it to be perfect

September 2, 2019


That's my understanding as well, but I was aware that there were conventional approaches which might be varied for effect, maybe poetic. I suppose there will always be the conventional. It also allows for easier comprehension. I'm guessing of course.

August 31, 2019


Apparently the verb must be at the end of the sentence here. Different than in the 'romance languages' that i know: French, Italian, Spanish.

August 27, 2019


The verb doesn't have to be at the end of the sentence; that's just where the course creators chose to place it. Latin word order is very free, so you can put "Puer dormit in urbe" like you would in French or Spanish and it would be perfectly fine. Be sure to report something if you think that it should be accepted, since this course is still very new.

August 29, 2019


Yeah i noticed that too. Kinda like in german

August 31, 2019


Is there some situation, like administrative texts, in which the verb was preffered at the end?

August 31, 2019


Considering how new this course is, some initial errors in accepted answers are to be expected. Patience...

September 3, 2019


Would there be a word such as "urbi", like there is a single word for "at home" ("domi")?

August 30, 2019


"Domi" is the locative of "domus". Only a few words in Latin have the locative - and "urbs" is not one of them.

September 3, 2019


Yea, I'm just another person posting about word order. 'Puer in urbe dormit' is great, but we should also accept 'Puer dormit in urbe', etc.

August 31, 2019
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