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Does Latin have a different name for the Latin Language?

After learning that in Japanese, that language refers to the country as Nihon and the japanese language as nihongo, that opened my eyes to other language having other names not just for other things, but for their own language.

So does latin have a different name in latin for its language?

August 27, 2019



Usually it's called Lingua Latina (literally, "Latin Language"), sometimes Latina for short.


The word Latin itself refers to the people who had settled around Rome, it was the name of the tribe. The region around Rome is stilled called Lazio in Italian, taken from the tribe name of the Latins. Nowadays, the word Latin used by itself usually means the language an not the people or the region.

They have a soccer team, Lazio. But none of that matters because it's soccer.


Lol. That last sentence cracked me up. How often do you study those languages? It's quite an impressive inventory :P



Today, I have done lessons in Esperanto, Hindi and Latin. I also did some Chinese lessons on FutureLearn and some Lithuanian on another app. Some of those flags I have not touched in years.

Today was supposed to be the first day of a Bible Greek class that I was going to take at a local community college but the class was cancelled because not enough students signed up. This is the second year in a row that I tried to take this class and it has been cancelled.


What is the app for Lithuanian, please?

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