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"The drunk parrot writes the song."

Translation:Psittacus ebrius carmen scribit.

August 27, 2019



I put the adjective at the end of the sentence, as was my wont, and was marked incorrect, but surely "psittacus carmen scribit ebrius" has the same basic meaning as "psittacus ebrius carmen scribit", even if it puts more emphasis upon the drunkenness.


Although Latin allows for a lot of variation in word order, generally the adjective still has to be next to the noun that it modifies.


I only put the adjective there to test how the course would handle it -- it is of course not the most obvious way to order this thought, but it is also true that the course will need to develop a way to deal with this sort of variation.

I don't like that "has to be" in your answer. That's just wrong as a matter of fact, as is easily proved by a glance at any page of Latin.

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