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Benefits of Esperanto for Latin learning

If you are finding Latin confusing, I would strongly recommend learning Esperanto. It will prepare you to learn Latin very well because Esperanto is much easier, but among other things, it teaches you about grammatical concepts that do not exist in English, such as cases and free word order.

Se latino ŝajnas malfacile al vi, mi forte rekomendas, ke vi lernu Esperanton. Ĝi pretigos vin por bonege lerni latinon, ĉar Esperanto estas tre pli facila, sed inter aliaj aferoj, ĝi instruas al vi pri gramatikaj konceptoj, kiel kazoj kaj libera vortordo, kiuj ne ekzistas en la angla.

August 27, 2019



Or, if you're a Game of Thrones fan, High Valyrian also has quite a lot of similarities to Latin. :D


Wouldn't knowing any of the romance languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Portugese, or Romanian be a better preparation for Latin, being as they descended from Latin ? Not to be negative, but i found Esperanto to be a bit disappointing. A good share of it comes from German, which would not help at all for learning Latin. Also, if Esperanto was formulated to be a simple language, then it seems the creator might have done well to eliminate all the gendered adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs for gendered pronouns, as is basically the case in English and Chinese.

And no, after (while) learning French, Italian, and Spanish - Latin is not in the least bit confusing. In fact it seems quite easy to learn so far. :)


I've heard that Romanian pronunciation makes the language most like Latin, even though it has many Slavic words. Esperanto would be a good idea as it does introduce you to easy word order, different concepts not found in English and so you can get a feel for it much easier than the Romance languages. Romance languages, of course, are a great way of learning since you are learning a former Latin dialect. :P I wish Catalan was more widely spoken, so beautiful!


And no, after (while) learning French, Italian, and Spanish - Latin is not in the least bit confusing. In fact it seems quite easy to learn so far. :)

This post was not intended for those who find it easy to learn Latin.


My trick to finding Latin easy: try Finnish first! ;)


Finnish isn't on Duolingo yet. Try Hungarian.

(Well, I can't do it.)


It would be like learning to ride a bicycle in order to learn to drive a lorry :)


Not quite. Speaking English is like riding a bicycle, Esperanto is like driving a car (or maybe even a bus), and Latin is like driving a truck.


It's true Esperanto is very similar to Latin because it was inspired in many Latin languages and Latin, I'm starting to do the Latin tree and sometimes there are some words like "sed"(but), it's amazing because I feel it is easier for me because I speak some esperanto and two Latin languages


I agree with you. Even I am just at the beginning on learning Esperanto (a fun language to learn btw).


This is the only good reason for learning Esperanto that I've ever heard: it is so simple that it is easier to learn than are most other languages, and so as a first language it teaches you more quickly all the vital things that learning the first foreign languages teaches about learning languages.

In other words, break your initial language learning into 2 stages: 1) learn Esperanto and pick up fairly quickly what learning a first language has to teach about learning languages, then 2) move on, already having gained the vital first-foreign-language-learning experience, to something you might actually want to learn.

It sounds like it could work, and if you are having plenty of trouble learning some language--say, Latin--it might be worth a try.


Help with learning other languages is definitely not the only reason to learn Esperanto. You'd be surprised about some of the benefits, like free lodging all over the world (and no, I'm not kidding or exaggerating) and many more.


Esperanto is a big failure. It has the least amount of learners for a reason: because it is pretty much useless. Any other natural language, no matter how small the user base, is more useful than Esperanto. So no, I wouldn't recommend it.

If you want to learn a romance language close to Latin, learn Italian. It's a beautiful language; or Spanish, it has many speakers.


Esperanto is not a failure, contrary to popular belief. Some people actively like the fact that Esperanto has a small number of speakers (about 2 million, which is not actually very small for a language). They think that the Esperanto culture that has developed would be damaged if too many people learn Esperanto. I wish that people would actually learn about Esperanto before complaining about it. I'm also pretty sure that there is no other language that provides free lodging all over the world.

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