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"هُوَّ كَريم وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا جودي."

Translation:He is generous and he is your husband, Judy.

August 27, 2019



how would you differentiate karim, the adjective, and Karim, the name, in this sentence?


how would you differentiate karim, the adjective, and Karim, the name

In general, it's impossible to differentiate them. That's the whole purpose of those names in Arabic: you are literally called generous. However, in this particular sentence, it's a matter of Arabic stylistic; when you introduce someone (or yourself), you never say "هُوَّ + name", but you say "اِسمه + name" (literally "his name is name". Therefore, if you wanted to say "He is Karim and he is your husband, Judy", you would rephrase it as "اِسمه كَريم وَهُوَّ زَوْجِك يا جودي" = "His name is Karim and he is your husband, Judy"


Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!


Fun fact: i thought it said Karim as a name and i get it right.


... وهُوَ زوجُكِ ...


"He is generous and your husband, Judy" is not accepted - shouldn't it be? (the second "he is" is optional, though it's not particularly common to leave it out when changing between an adjective and noun)


Hard sentence for me...


Shouldn't Judy know better!!


he is generous and he is your husband judy. isn't it correct?


Wait. "Judy, your wife is Carrie." Now Judy is married to a man. So Judy is bisexual? And is she divorced or widowed? Which one was she married to first? Duolingo turned into a bad soap opera? Did I get names mixed up?

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