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  5. "The father writes at home."

"The father writes at home."

Translation:Pater domi scribit.

August 27, 2019



A syntax question, is "Pater scribit domi" also acceptable? It was marked as incorrect but I didn't report it since I wasn't sure.


It should be acceptable because the word order is flexible in Latin. The SOV thing is just a preferential order but never a rule. You can even write "Domi scribit pater" (if you want to emphasize 'at home' and not somewhere else) or whatever you like. The word order in Latin is just for you to order the most to the least important information you want to tell the listener. And sometimes, it can't be fully translated into English which has strict word order. In fact, SOV order is just a bit more popular than SVO order. There are some kind of rules anyway but only in the more advance level, with more complex sentence and more like styles of writing, not at all for this level to concern about.


Latin basically Doesn't have rules for word order. So yes it should be correct, the app seems to favour the verb at the end at the moment though


I believe it should be. I did the same and reported it. I believe changes in word order add emphasis to different parts of the sentence.


Yeah, I don't understand either. I'm pretty sure it's acceptable


I wasn't sure as well but I put "Pater scribit domi" but it's accepted (Jan 2021)


Pater domí scríbit.


Many Latin words are missing an audio accompaniment please fix it


So, how would one write "The Father writes 'home' at home"?


My best guess is; Pater domí scríbit 'domus.'


Would "Pater in domi scribit" work?


No, because 'domi' already means 'at home', It is in the locative case, which is used mostly for cities and small islands. For example: domi = in domus (at home); Romae = in Roma (in Rome); Novi Eboraci = Novum Eboracum (in New York)


Why is is "Pater domi scribit" translated as "Father writes at home" rather than "Father writes to home"? Does it have anything to do with the word endings?


No its an other sentence in Latin. It should be Pater domi scribit = Father writes at home.


Only half the words have audio accompaniment how can we learn without knowing how to say it


Great! So easy...!

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