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"The sister studies in the city."

Translation:Soror in urbe studet.

August 27, 2019



"Soror studet in urbe" was not accepted 27.08.2019 - I'm fairly sure it should be an acceptable alternate? Reported...


I would agree. SOV is not required in the least, and the only thing you NEED to keep together is the prepositional phrase "in urbe."


Im hoping down the line it will explain some of the rules for Latin Grammar. Like why is Soror first here but in the matar sentence its in the middle?


Latin word order is fairly flexible. Latin uses word endings (or inflection) to communicate how a word is functioning, as opposed to word order.


"Soror studet in urbe" was accepted with a typo and with the solution, however, reversed -and, to be honest, I did misspell 'studet' with an 'i'. Accepted but still juxtaposed their way -it's hard to let go sometimes!


Now, there's an option "My answer shouldn't be accepted". Flag it.


soror urbe studet :(


It's not possible to remove the preposition here, you need the "in".

The only case where you don't need it, is with a locative. It can't be a locative here.


“Ad urbem” means “to the city”.

“In urbe” means “in the city”

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