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"Al-Azhar is a famous Islamic university."

Translation:اَلْأَزْهَر جامِعة إِسْلامِيّة مَشْهورة.

August 27, 2019



Is there a correct order for the adjectives "famous" and "Islamic". Earlier, e.g. "Arab American man" and "American Arab man" were both correct. I get that in English, "Islamic famous university" wouldn't be correct, but is that also the case in Arabic?


There is no correct order for adjectives in Arabic, but the order modifies slightly the meaning.

  • جامِعة إِسْلامِيّة مَشْهورة = It's an Islamic university. Moreover, among all Islamic universities, this one is famous (it doesn't mean that this university is particularly famous in general)
  • جامِعة مَشْهورة إِسْلامِيّة = It's a famous university. Moreover, among all famous universities, this one is Islamic


It is like in English: the adjective closest is the most important description, the second closest is just an additional description and so on.

Unlike in English, adjectives follow the noun, so, if you apply the above rule you have to invert the order of the adjectives when translating.

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