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  5. "Num urbs est?"

"Num urbs est?"

Translation:Surely it is not a city?

August 27, 2019



This is such an awkward way to speak in English. Would a loose translation be, "This can't be a city, can it?" or, "Don't tell me they call this a city!"


Yep. I'm beginning to hate the word "num" more each time I see it, lol. I don't get why they have to make phrases so awkward instead of something simple like, "It's not a city, is it?", which sounds way more natural. Translations shouldn't be literal to the point they sound unnatural.


"Isn't this a city?" "Surely this is a city?"

I think these two options could potentially indicate an expected negative response.


"Isn't this a city?" suggests an expected positive response, to me. "This isn't a city, is it?" would expect a negative, but that may be too loose a translation for this sentence.


What's wrong with'It is surely not a city'?


Remus should never have said this.

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