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  5. "Stephanus studet et scribit."

"Stephanus studet et scribit."

Translation:Stephanus studies and writes.

August 27, 2019



Audio should be: ['stɛ.pʰa.nʊs 'stʊ.dɛt ɛt 'skriːbɪt]


Quite right :-) The speakers need to train a little more.


I agree. The Latin speakers are not good. Even the recordings are weak at times.


What did they do wrong?


I didn't get any audio for this sentence. Maybe they are changing it, but I doubt it.
So, this comment is based on a bit of guessing. ;)

From the few sentences that had audio, I can tell you that the speaker pronounces many short vowels long and some long vowels short. Maybe the stress was incorrect too as it directly depends on the correct length of the a in Stephanus.
Those were likely mistakes that would be quite major. There may have been some smaller mistakes too.


I've got /ˈste.pʰa.nus/ based on Wiktionary, with a short /a/


The audio is unclear and their mics must have been bad or something


The audio does not correspond to my above suggestion yet.


So i know it's not listed in the answers but could it also be translated as "Stephanus is studying and writing."?


Yes, there's no present progressive in Latin so both translations are acceptable.


Stephanus studet et scrībit.


I see a lot of conversation about the name Stephanus and I totally agree that variants like Steve, Steven, Stephen or Stephan should not be accepted, but how about Stefanus?

How wrong is it to use 'f' instead of 'ph'?


Quite wrong. They never wrote it as Stefanus in Classical Latin, because it was not pronounced with a /f/. The Latin alphabet was used to write phonetically, and since the name was borrowed from the Ancient Greek, it was pronounced with an aspirated P - /ˈste.pʰa.nus/. The Romans used ⟨PH⟩ to reflect the pronunciation Ancient Greek Φ. If the audio sounds like it's using a /f/ sound, it's wrong and you should report it. The spelling is Stephanus and none other (compare to how bizarre it would be if you were to spell Peter (aspirated P) as "Feter").


My phone autocorrected to stephanie and i got it wrong


If there are multiple possible answers..

Stephanus studies and writes (estudia y escribe) Stephanus studies and is writing (estudia y está escribiendo) Stephanus is studying and writes (está estudiando y escribe) Stephanus is studying and writing (está estudiando y escribiendo)

So, there is no way to know exactly what you are being told ?


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Auto correct causes all the errors


God ❤❤❤❤❤❤ auto correct i did not want English


stephanus studies and writes why is my answer wrong?

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