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  5. "Pater non dormit."

"Pater non dormit."

Translation:The father does not sleep.

August 27, 2019



I might be wrong, but I believe in latin 'My' can be assumed, so I suppose 'My father doesn't sleep' could also be accepted? (just a suggestion)! the course is fun!


yes, but there needs to be further context in order for it to be assumed - and here's none


Yup! Make sure to submit these types of recommendations in the "report" button so the team editing the course gets them. The forum here is more for users helping each other than reporting issues.


I think it's an interesting discussion, about the language, and how we should translate.

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And given that it's been reported a problem, how are they supposed to know WHAT the problem is, unless it's explained here?


Just to let you know: they don't check the page (see the last time it was checked is 2 months ago). So, even if the report system is not good, commenting here doesn't explain the problem to them.


It has not been reported. I just went to accept my father and not one of the reports contained my. I'm going to have to add it by hand later. This takes much longer than accepting a report.

If you correct answer is rejected, you need to click the my answer should have been accepted option. That gives us your sentence in a report. We spell check it (90% of reports have horrible misspellings) and then click accept.

I usually process 100-200 reports in a sitting. Most are wrong and have to be discarded.


Her prater sounds like frater


Please report problems with the audio using the button in the lesson.

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I have. But that doesn't tell the person receiving the bug report, what the problem is. So until there's a way of doing that, it needs to be explained here.


When you do a Bug Report, there is a place to type what the problem is.

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When you click the option to report a Problem with the Audio from a phone, there is NO option for this. There ARE differences between what's available on a PC and what's on a phone. This might be one of them.


Keep in mind, all of the audio was recorded by the team at home. They were meant to be temporary to help get the course going. When we start up again (in a few months) we want to replace problematic audio. From all of the reports we know which ones need to go.


Bug Reports, however, are not for pronunciation, grammatical, or spelling problems. They are only for computer problems. You have to report problems with the sentences by clicking on the report button at the bottom left of the sentence. Since I do my lessons on a computer, I don't know what options are available on smartphones, though.


I can confirm that there is also no option to type what the problem is on PC. It's a multiple choice selection, the last option being "Something else went wrong" with no option to expand on the issue. In my opinion, the female audio sounds low quality and muffled, but there is no way to list that as a specific issue.


Yes, but letting a message here doesn't tell the person what's the problem, since they won't check your message here, the report are anonymous, and this forum is used only for help about grammar & vocabulary about the sentences, a help between users.


Amelia, I'm talking about a "Bug Report" which is different from the "Report" button that is below the sentences we do. There used to be a place where we could type in the exact problem under "Report" but that option was removed. I read recently that that was because people were writing nonsense and abusive comments in the "Report" section that volunteers had to wade through to get to legitimate reports, just like there is too much spam in too many discussion threads that we have to wade through to find answers to our questions about grammar etc.


Should be ['pa.tɛr noːn 'dɔr.mɪt]


Talos, most people do not know the IPA. Besides using the IPA, could you also please explain what the correct vs incorrect pronunciation is? For instance, "the 'e' in "pater" is like the 'e' in 'bed' and not the 'e' in .......... and the 'i' in 'dormit' is like the 'i' in ....... not the "i" in .......


They should learn IPA, as you cannot learn and master a foreign language on the Internet and with very few audios without knowing this. So, if very few people knows it, they should take it as an encouragement to learn it, it's not very difficult, and one doesn't have to know the whole alphabet.

The e/ɛ IPA is one of the most useful, as the English language doesn't have a sign to write it (é and è in French).
So if you just learn a few IPA letters, learn this one, learning languages will become much easier for you.

[e] in IPA, is the French é, it's hard to find in the English language a word what will be pronunced "e" by every speakers of all the English variants, so consider it's close from the "é" in "café"
because it's "café" is a French word borrowed in English, and it kept almost its genuine pronunciation from French (in reality, café is [kæˈfeɪ] but it's a good approximation.

[ɛ] in IPA, is the french è, and the same sound than "e" in "red", or "head" (/rɛd/)

Listen: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ɛ






might be hard for some to tell whether its "pater" or "frater"; audio wasnt super clear


I'd like to point out that in Classical pronunciation, p is /p/ and ph is /pʰ/. This speaker pronounces pater [pʰater] and Stephanus as [stɛːfanʊs] which isn't correct.


Pater nōn dormit.


Audio pronunciation not clear


I thought it sounded like 'pater known dormit. It didn't sound like 'non'


Duo accepts "The father is not sleeping". Does Latin have gerund?


Yes, but not this use. Latin expresses both simple ("he sleeps") and continuous ("he is sleeping") the same way.


I think RafaRiffCo means "gerundives" (the verb with ....ing, used like a verb, as in I'm sleeping.)

Gerund is a "ing" form in English, but used like a noun "Loving is fun", (Here "loving" is a gerund, because it's from a verb, but behaves like a noun.)



Gerunds: poetās audiendō = (by) -the- listening of the poets.
Gerundives: voces audiendae sunt — 'the voices are to be heard'

What is not in use, Latin gerunds or Latin gerundives?
Please, correct me if I'm wrong.


I think 'pater non dormit' can have two different meanings: 'the father is not sleeping" and "a father doesn't sleep", in the sense that a father never sleeps.

Am I correct?


Yes. Both are valid. You would choose your translation based on the context.


Anyone else hear it in 1 persons voice then clicked the button again and heard from a different person?

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A number of courses allow a slow version and a fast version of the audio to be heard. I wonder if perhaps you're hearing a different recording, because eventually the Latin course will have this facility??


What is the difference between «dormit» and «dormet»? Wht «Frater dormet» but «Pater dormit»? I think two are third singular person. Correct me, if necessary.


'Dormet' is not a Latin word; it's always 'dormit' for 'sleeps' or 'is sleeping'.


Problem with the sound : impossible to know if the first word is 'frater' or 'pater'


Please report problems with the audio using the button in the lesson.


I agree, in Latin there's ugly sound. But i do understand him.

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