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  5. "How is Corinna doing?"

"How is Corinna doing?"

Translation:Quomodo Corinna se habet?

August 27, 2019



when does one use 'habet' as opposed to 'agit' ??? is one 'doing' and the other 'feeling' ???


i could be wrong, but i believe that agit doesn't mean feeling, that's se. agit is meant to be the 'is' in 'how is'. i don't get why se is used here instead of habet, though.


se=her The question translates directly to How is Corinne having herself?


habet=have agit=do


How about 'Quomodo se Corinna habet'? Does it sound weird?


The typical structure is SOV, that would be OSV. 'Se' being the object meaning him/herself, 'Corinna' being the subject, and 'habet' being the verb.


thanks a lot, I figure out


I'm wondering about the use of this structure when talking about a third person. In the first person, "Me bene habeo" is saying how I feel about myself. In the second person, asking "Quomodo te habes?" asks how you feel about yourself. But in this sentence we are asking a second person how they think a third person, Corinna, is doing, rather than how Corinna herself thinks she is doing. Is a reflexive structure appropriate here? Are there precedents for this structure being used in this way?


Why would it be any different? Without the reflexive the sentence would make no sense.

Quomodo Corinna habet?

How does Corinna have?

If it were another reflexive it would be the same.

Corinna se parat

Corinna gets ready (prepares herself)

Without the reflexive it would sound incomplete.


Why can't "se" be excluded?


Why can't it be "quid agit corinna se habet"? Why is it quomodo instead of quid agit?


quid agit?=what does he/she do (what/how is he/she doing)?
quomodo=how (what way)
se habet=holds himsels/herself


What Corinna does has herself

That's what your sentence would say. You cannot include two verbs. Quomodo means how.


Is "Corinna quomodo se habet?" incorrect? It was marked as such.


I think quomodo should be at the beginning because it's what makes the sentence a question, but I'm not completely sure.


"Te" "se" What is the difference between?


I'm pretty sure "te" means yourself, "me" means myself, and "se" means herself/himself.


Quomodo is used for first and second person .I thought quid was used for third person .Now Quomodo came with a third person.can anyone explain please?


It has nothing to do with person. Quomodo and quid have different meanings.

Quomodo - how

Quid - what


i used the hints and it said quid agit corinna se habet!!! how come that was recorded as wrong when that was what the hint said????


The hints are just that, hints. Your sentence makes absolutely no sense:

What does Corinna is holding herself?

You have two verbs agit and habet. Each can be used in an expression that asks how she's doing.

When making a sentence in any language you need to consider what each word is doing, even if it's not the same structure as English.

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