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  5. "Ab Italia venitis."

"Ab Italia venitis."

Translation:You come from Italy.

August 27, 2019



I translated it as "you all come from Italy", beause the venitis implies a plural. That should also be considered an answer, right?


You can suggest alternative translations with the Report Button.


It's difficult to understand this person. The words run together in his speech.


He pronounces every i as an e... :(


It can also be singular: Ab Italia venis


He clearly says wee-nee-tees, so I doubt you will get that one, unless you were translating from English


Since the Romans would have known Italia rather than Italy, and the areas don't match exactly, "You come from Italia" should be accepted.


I just added it. It will take a little time for that change to reach users.


Thank you. As a heads-up, I remember another, similar sentence which I believe was "Marcus a Germania venit", where I typed "Marcus comes from Germania" and was told that was incorrect.


The audio sounds like "ab Itale a venetes". All the other voices are clear, but this one, not so much...


"Ab Ital-a venitis": this is how that voice says it


Please use the Report Button for audio errors. Posting them here is not that efficient. I happened to see your posts by chance and passed it on the the contributor in charge of audio.

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Yeah, you should be aware that hitting the 'report' button a) does not allow the reporter to explain the issue, b) doesn't allow others to recognise that they have the same issue and c) has no noticeable impact on anything. At least by reporting it here, there is some recognition that there actually IS a problem. Most people who report an issue here have ALSO hit the button, but know it has no effect.


Please do not report audio issues here. It is not helpful to us. Just because you do not see the results, do not mean there isn't one. The other contributors are making their way through and replacing the majority of the audio. It takes time.

When we go to the reports, we can see how many people flagged the audio. We listen to the audio, identify the problem, and then rerecord. We've never been confused about what the problem is. After all, we are all Latin teachers or professors.

This is the system. It only works if people use it properly. Posting audio issues here just makes clutter that we have to delete later.


-ab Italia- and -a Germania- ... the -a- becomes -ab- before a word that begins with a vowel, correct? Is this the same with -a- and -ad-?


-ab Italia- and -a Germania- ... the -a- becomes -ab- before a word that begins with a vowel, correct?

Yes, that's right.

Is this the same with -a- and -ad-?

No, this preposition is always "ad."

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